Li Datong double-toasted Cake
  It has been created by famous pastry master, Li Ruiqing, during Guangxu years of the Qing Dynasty, more than 100 years apart from now. It is selected with refined sugar or brown sugar to mix evenly with the glutinous rice powder, splashed sweet-scented laurel blossom, cut it into pieces, toasted it twice. Its characteristics are fine, soft, tough, fragrant, sweet. It is very popular among the old and the young and it is a kind of traditional famous cake in Wenzhou.
Xincheng Spiced Dried Beancurd
  It is famous far and near for its tasty, which is made in Ruian Xincheng Gengchun Soy Sauce Garden. It is selected with new bean soaked in water, milled, filtered, boiled, frozen, extruded, cut into pieces. Then it is made by soy and spice, put in the ventilated place to dry in the air. In the end, it can be enjoyed.
Huling Steak
  It adopts Chinese traditional braising to cook and it is very suitable for public taste. The material, rib with meat, is selected from local scalpers fed by the farmers. First take out the tendon, cut it into approximately 5cm square block, then put into the boiling water with ginger, garlic fennel, hot pepper, And Chinese medicine, Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae etc. Finally braise it with moderate fire till it can be eaten.
Ruian Baked Wheat Cake
  It is made of flour as raw material, and stuffed with chopped shallot fat meat, which will be toasted in the stove. It has the features of burntoutside and delicate inside, crispy, tasty, salty with sweet. It is popular among the old and the young.
Crucian Roasted with Shallot
 Put the pickled crucian into oil pan, fry it till the skin and bone crisp, then take it out, and add shallot, ginger, soy, sugar, yellow rice wine, monosodium glutamate, vinegar to fry, then fry these materials and crucian with medium fire to roast, the intense fire to make it more tasty, the bone is crisp, the fish is delicate, At last you can enjoy it when you drink alcohol.