Boiled Blood Clam
  It is selected with the best local blood clam, it is cooked through varied seasonings with the features of dainty and fragrance.
A1 Fish Head Pot
  It is selected with the best local fish head.and it is cooked with the features of rich nourishment and fragrance.
Roasting Trumpet Shell by Fishing House
  Cook it in a special method,with fine material selected,delicate process.It has the features of good taste and crisp etc.
Living Crab
  Cut the swimming crab into small pieces,add shallot, ginger, chopped garlic,sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate,shaoxing millet wine etc.It has five flavours and tastes tender,rare, and delicate.
White Jade Coral
  Select native octopus to make with lifelike image, and good taste and slippery delicate features.
Garlic Fish Skin
 It is made of shark skin as main material with garlic fragrant taste.soft fish skin with delicious taste.It has the features of detoxifcation,killing insects,nourishing kidney etc.
Three-shred Knocking Fish
  Select yellow fish or sleeve-fish,cut them into pieces with starch,knock into slice,boil in the water,The soup tastes fragrant and delicious and the fish tastes tender,and rare.
Braised Jumping Fish with Shaoxing Millet Wine
  Clean it,add ginger slice,Shaoxing millet wine,monosodium glutamate,sugar,Xiang mushrooms,medlar etc.and steam in the bamboo cage,The fragrance of wine add fresh jumping fish must be attractive withs high nourishment value.