??As a famous historical and cultural city, Rui?°•an was established as a town in the second year of Wuchiwu in the Three Kingdoms Dynasty (A.D. 239). During its 1760 years history, many famous talents emerged. It?°•s crowned as a ?°„Famous Natural Science City?°ņ. In the 25-dynasty history, there were 22 people recorded in Rui?°•an. lots of outstandings were born here such as Chen Fuliang, Ye Shi, of ?°„Yongjia School?°ņ in South Song Dynasty, and Gao Zecheng, ?°„Originator of southern drama ?°ņ in the end of Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of Ming Dynasty, and Sun Yirang,great master of Confucian studies in Qing Dynasty, always are the giants in Chinese intellectual history and literary history.
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