????Rui?°•an as the central city of the south Wenzhou metropolitans, located in the coastal area in the southeast of Zhejiang, is one of the main origins of ?°„Wenzhou Pattern?°ņ. In 2008, it ranked 21st among the top 100 counties (cities).Up to now, it has obtained 9 national ?°„Gold Namecards?°ņ such as China Excellent Tourism City, China Auto & Motor Parts City, China Plastic Film Manufacturing Base, China Famous Men?°•s Clothes City, and so on.
Rui?°•an, with splendid mountains and nice rivers an exquisite scenery, is a typical landscape city in the south of Yangtze River. The scenic area covers 20.8% of the total area of territorial resources , as a city with great tourism resources. At present, there are seven scenic spots, such as Zhailiaoxi Scenic and Historic Site, Tongxi reservoir , Tongpan Island, Meilong stream etc.10 tourism areas (spots) including Linyang River Village Acient Town, Yuhai Culture Sight-Seeing Zone, Jiangxi Dragon Pool, Shanhuang Acient stockaded village and so on, four national key historical relics protection units such as Huayan National Forest Park, Yuhai Mansion, Shipeng tombs, Shengjing Mountain Stone Temple, Liji Medical School, with the various natural scenery and cultural & historical landscape in a perfect harmony.
???? As a famous historical and cultural city, Rui?°•an is the headstream of southern drama and Wenzhou drum word. Rui?°•an was established as a town in the second year of Wuchiwu in the Three Kingdoms Dynasty (A.D. 239). During its 1760 years history, many famous talents emerged. It?°•s crowned as a ?°„Famous Natural Science City?°ņ. In the 25-dynasty history, there were 22 people recorded in Rui?°•an. lots of outstandings were born here such as Chen Fuliang, Ye Shi, of ?°„Yongjia School?°ņ in South Song Dynasty, and Gao Zecheng, ?°„Originator of southern drama ?°ņ in the end of Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of Ming Dynasty, and Sun Yirang ??great master of Confucian studies in Qing Dynasty, always are the giants in Chinese intellectual history and literary history.
???? Rui'an is a sleepless city with a charming, romantic, dynamic and leisure atmosphere. Now it has 15 star-grade tourism hotels, including two 4-star hotels; 16 domestic travel agencies, 4 international travel agency offices; 22 recommended tourism units; over 200 social hotels; over 150 large-scale restaurants??Bars, disc bars, saunas, health clubs, with complete facilities, perfect functions for needs of Chinese and foreign tourists of various grades and levels.